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‎2011 Unity Waves of Consciousness - Portal Days

June 7th, was a Unity Consciousness Portal Day.
This means that yesterday we received a surge of cosmic (solar & stellar) energy designed specifically to shift our old belief systems. For example, to end child slavery and the building of nuclear power plants in Earthquake zones, we have to shift from believing in the power of money and believe in the power of love. And this is no easy task.

We are living in a time of accelerated human growth and development, accompanied b
y and connected to dramatic Earth changes. Many people are feeling impacted by the galactic energies that are infusing our Earthly domain, but many have no idea of what is going on. So here, in as simple a form as possible is my version of why and how we are being grown and stretched as a species. The information here is mostly from the internet, as well as books I’ve read on the 2012 shift, and my own personal experience of the times in which we are living.

My intent is to help you prepare for and experience these disruptive times more consciously and with much gratitude. So first, here’s a little background.

The Mayan Calendar and 2012 Galactic Alignment
The Mayans believed in
universal processes, like the 'breathing' of the galaxy. Like all indigenous people they understood time to be cyclical, not linear. Based on their observations of the movement of the heavenly bodies within our galaxy, or Milky Way, the Mayans predicted that from the initial da
te of the start of their civilization, which is 3113 B.C., a 26,000 galactic cycle would be completed 5,125 years in the future -- and that date is December 21s
t, 2012. (One Mayan galactic day of 25,625 years is divided into five cycles of 5,125
years.) Astronomy shows that on this date our so
lar system will be in direct alignment with the center of our galaxy – our Milky Way.

The Mayans knew that our Sun, or Kinich-Ahau, every so often synchronized or aligned with the enormous central galaxy. From this central galaxy or Milky Way, our solar system will receive a 'spark' of light which will cause the Sun to shine more intensely producing what our scientists call 'solar flares', as well as changes in the Sun's magnetic field. The Mayans say that this happens once every 26,000 years, a
nd that this causes a displacement in the Earth’s rotation, which can result in catastrophic changes to our planet.

More info on Galactic Alignment by John Major

The Nine Waves of Evolutionary Consciousness
The Mayans believed that although the galactic cycles are predictable and unchangeable, what they perceived that did change is the consciousness of man. They believe that humans are always in a process towards more perfection, towards greater levels of human evolution. Since the late 90’s, indigenous elders from the Mayans and the Hopi Tribe, among others, have been emphasizing that the world isn’t coming to an end – but that our refusal to change and resistance to global and galactic conscious evolution will be tr
ansformed by any means necessary. The Indigenous elders believe that our old world of Separation is ending, and the new world of Illumination is beginning.

The timeframe and purpose of each evolutionary wave of consciousness is charted below:

Wave 1: 16 Billion years ago – Cellular consciousness – Action/Reaction
Wave 2: 820 million years ago – Mammalian consciousness – Stimulus/Response
Wave 3: 41 million years ago – Familial consciousness – Attachment
Wave 4: 2 million years ago – Tribal consciousness – Imagination
Wave 5: 102,000 years ago – Cultural consciousness – Reasoning
Wave 6: 3,115 BCE – National consciousness – Law
Wave 7: 1755 CE – Planetary consciousness –- Power
Wave 8: January 4, 1999 CE – Galactic consciousness – EthicsWave 9: March 9, 2011 CE – Unity consciousness – Divinity Within

The Acceleration of Evolutionary Change
The rate of evolutionary change has increased with each wave. For example, during the Cellular Wave, change would happen at a rate of every 1.2 billion years, while during the Planetary Wave from 1755 to 1999, dramatic changes in consciousness happened every 20 years. One example is the American Revolutionary War of the 1770’s, which began the end of worldwide monarchial power.

Since 1999, dramatic changes in human consciousness have occurred annually. Think of the person you were in 1999. You are probably a radically different person today. The Galactic Wave (January 4, 1999 to March 9, 2011) was about Ethics – everything coming into integrity. Anything not in integrity was more easily uncovered and addressed. Government, religious, familial and personal secrets and lies came and continue to come to the surface faster than we can keep up.

As technology successfully keeps it’s galactic agreement to disseminating information faster and faster around the globe, it seems that nothing and no one that is out of alignment with Unity consciousness will remain standing. This phenomenon along with the quickening of the Earth’s axial rotation is why we feel time speeding up. Creative energy and expanded consciousness allow for more to happ
en, more to be born, and in less amounts of time than before.

The Portal Days of 2011
Starting on March 9th, 2011, the Unity Wave of Consciousness will create dramatic changes every 18 days! The earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown in Northern Japan occurred on March 11th, just two days after the first Unity Wave Portal Day. And so many other natural and man-made disasters have occurred since then – volcanic eruptions, devastating floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes, and collapsing financial systems. Truly we are learning how to turn to one another for help and support during these unimaginably disruptive times.

I believe that the Portal Days can be very Yang (masculine, external disruption) or very Ying (feminine, internal disruption) energy. The one before this on May 20th was very Yin. I felt lots of love in my heart for everyone, got to see the new “Pirates” movie in 3-D Imax, and felt very vulnerable to the new things about to come.

Below is a list of the Portal Day for 2011

March 9 & 27
April 14
May 2 & 20
June 7 & 25
July 13 & 31
August 18
Sept 5 & 23
October 11 & 29
November 16
December 4 & 22

3 Suggestions for Getting Through Portal Days Safely

Don’t Resist: Galactic energies that come through to the Earthplane create neurological rewiring in our brains. This can cause sleepiness and fatigue, as well as physical and emotional discomfort and pain. Head, neck, back and legs are areas on my body where I usually notice tightness, soreness, or pain. Emotionally you can experience grief, anxiety, overexcitement, or numbness. Some symptoms may have you believing that you have the flu or some type of viral infection.
The best way to way to handle the rewiring is to know when the portal day is going to occur, and do not plan anything that requires lots of time, energy, and attention. Staying at home, being still, and connecting with your inner landscape through prayer, meditation, or sleep, is most conducive to receiving the new energies without resistance. If you have to go to work, consciously take breaks
every 2 hours to stop and pray or meditate. Eat lightly and drink plenty of fresh water – at least 64 oz. Cancel unnecessary appointments or social events and allow your Self to rest as much as possible.

Practice Gratitude Attitude: The best anecdote to the anxiety addiction of our times is to practice gratitude. Yesterday 11 year-old Oscar Rodriquez served as a translator for his injured schoolmates after a horrific bus crash, while he laid on a stretcher with 3 broken ribs. He was grateful to be alive and able to help others live. He didn’t fall into victim consciousness and is being herald as a hero. "This kid stayed calm and was brave more than any other veteran I've worked with," said one of the paramedics at the scene. So no matter how disturbing and disruptive things may get, remember that if you’re not dead, you can still make a huge difference to someone else’s life.

Trust The Process: What I love most about fairy tales is that they prepare us for the journey of life. Every tale takes you on a journey where the heroine or hero has to learn something important. Whether it’s Hansel and Gretel, or Red Riding Hood, or Jack who went up the beanstalk, they all had to go through “the going through.” In our accelerated culture, it’s easy to forget that there truly is
a divine order and timing for all things. We are so used to “taking the Bull by the horns” and hitting brick walls that we forget there is another way. The old paradigms, such as war and violence solve problems, no longer work. But until we really can accept and believe this we must stay the course of the learning and trust that we’ll learn how not to get put into witches’ ovens, or engage with the Wolf, or be chased by flesh-eating Giants!

I will be will be writing up additional bits of information about the events right before, during and after June 7th, and also sending out a reminder of the next Portal Day on June 25th. And lastly, I invite you to share your Unity Consciousness Portal Day experiences so I can compile and share them with this community.
In the meantime, let go of resistance, practice attitude gratitude, and trust the process.

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