Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Dagara Medicine Wheel & The 2012 Shift

I'm very pleased to share with you my initial offerings for 2012.
It is a teleconference series (webinar) entitled,

The Dagara Medicine Wheel & The 2012 Shift: 
Living Higher Consciousness in the New Age.

This seven-part teleconference series will guide you through ancient indigenous wisdom from the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso in West Africa and teach specific technology for using this African medicine wheel to achieve a higher consciousness lifestyle. Through discussion of 5 powerful and soul-nourishing themes that characterize new age thought, conference participants will receive guidance, inspiration, and wisdom for addressing challenges in personal development, physical and emotional health, relationships, money, and right livelihood.

The 5 themes are: 

Divinity Within (What if you were born in grace instead of sin?)
Personal Sovereignty (Why do we so readily giveaway our personal power?)
Interdependence (Can we really transcend co-dependency through vulnerability?)
Sacred Contracts (How do fairy/folk tale and movie characters reveal life purpose?)
Unity Consciousness. (Can a telepathic ritual teach reverence for life?)

Each of the 7 sessions will be presented monthly on Thursday evenings 
from 7-8:30pm CST/8-9:30pm EST/5-6:30pm PST
beginning February 23rd through August 23rd.

The cost is $25 per session.

To receive a description of each session and instructions for registering and payment, please contact

I look forward to working with you in cyberspace!

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