Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Message 2013

 The Salvation of Humanity:
Living with Purpose as Connecting the Head with the Heart
by Jojopahmaria Nsoroma

What does it mean to know your purpose?
What does it mean to have a purpose and to live with that purpose?
What does it mean to live in a meaningful way?

Knowing and having purpose is more than you knowing and performing the job that you love,
or that you've discovered your right livelihood;
for when you live purposefully there will be many jobs to perform.

Knowing and having purpose is more than the leadership roles you play in family, at work, out in the community or the world;
for when you live purposefully there will be a myriad of leadership opportunities and roles that you will experience.

Knowing and having purpose is more than finding your true Beloved, and achieving spiritual partnership;
for living purposefully is allowing that sacred relationship to touch the lives of others in unselfish and selfless ways.

Knowing and having purpose is more than your ability to discipline yourself to follow and practice a particular spiritual path, or religious set of teachings;
for living purposefully requires that you honor and respect 

the diversity of Faith.

The essence of 'purpose' is our human ability to connect our head with our hearts, and to live wholeheartedly -- embracing vulnerability and choosing love over fear.  To live each day from the center of your heart is what true purpose is all about.  To be on purpose, you must be heart-centered in your work, your relationships, and your spiritual practices.

History tells us of the horror that erupts from humans having their hearts shut down.  Most recently, the results of building a nuclear power plant in an earthquake zone has clearly demonstrated that modernity is full of intellectually brilliant -- yet heartless human beings.  Especially for humans participating in Western culture, having our heads disconnected from our hearts
may produce material wealth and comfort, but it requires us to believe
that other humans, certain humans, and anything in Nature, is at our disposal.

We struggle greatly to have reverence for life, and are plagued by chronic diseases because life can have no reverence for us.

So how do we become heart-centered in our work, relationships, and spiritual practices?
How do we connect our heads to our hearts?

We have to first make three commitments -- or as it says in the fairytales -- 

we have to make three wishes:
  1. I wish to be able to feel my pain so I can feel my joy.  I commit to no longer running from my pain through sedation, neurosis, or drama-making.
  2. I wish to be released from my core wound so I can find the treasure it has made for me.  I commit to no longer playing the victim to my life.
  3. I wish to know God as my divinity within and as the key to my wholehearted lifestyle.  I commit to learning how to love my Self at a deepr level each day, and to share that love with others.
Ashe!  Asho!

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