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Enter 2010: An Earth Year, A Metal Tiger Year, and the Promise of "Something Wonderful"

We call upon the Earth, our planet home,

With its beautiful depths and soaring heights,

Its vitality and abundance of life,

And together we ask that it:

Teach us, and show us the way.

-- excerpt from a Chinook Blessing Litany

This is the year when we will be presented with clear opportunities to strengthen our identity and sense of belonging to the physical Earth-plane -- and to each other, grow our capacity to successfully enact our higher purpose, and enhance our ability to express and receive Unconditional Love. We are now just two years away from the prophesied 2012 shift into higher consciousness, and during 2009 we received more experiences to help us to accept that we truly are a global family and that all animals and plants are integral to the delicate organic balance of our existence. During 2010, we will become much more conscious of how integral the ground beneath our feet is to our health, happiness, and quality of life.

Earth People in an Earth Year

“Earth symbolizes the mother on whose lap everyone finds a home, nourishment, support, comfort, and empowerment. Representing the principle of inclusion, earth is the ground upon which we identify ourselves and others. It is what gives us identity and a sense of belonging. . . Earth is the power to notice, to see and to thrill in being seen.”

–Malidoma Somé from The Healing Wisdom of Africa

Ancient indigenous wisdom from the Dagara Tribeof West Africa teaches that persons born in years ending with the numbers 0 or 5 (i.e. 1980 or 1985) are EARTH People. The Earth portal sits in the middle of the Dagara five-portal medicine wheel, and the power color is yellow. The Earth is sacred to indigenous people because they know it as the elemental source for the human body and the place where our physical Self will return to when we die – “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Earth is the Great Mother who provides food, clothing and shelter unconditionally. And so, the essential nature of Earth people is to care for other people materially, emotionally, and spiritually.

The life purpose activities of Earth people have lots to do with establishing and maintaining home and community. They enjoy working to ensure that basic needs are provided and unconditionally accessible to all. Most Earth people, regardless of gender, have an innate understanding of the importance of homemaking, hospitality, and care-taking for human growth and development. They are the embodiment of the Great Mother and they enjoy cooking large meals for family and friends -- and are never hesitant about welcoming strangers to their table.

Earth people love to give and give abundantly. They don’t tolerate scarcity and will easily go without to insure that others do not. In the indigenous world of the Dagara, the Earth shrine is a many breasted female figure, showing that there is Mother’s Milk and nourishment for all. They understand Earth people as the Great Comforters, the lovers of Earth and all living things, and the Ambassadors of Humanity. They know how to make people feel like they deserve to be alive and that they are welcome to receive the bounty of food, clothing and shelter which the Earth provides unconditionally.

If you or someone you know was born in an Earth year, then this year will be one of intense personal growth and spiritual development as the Cosmos works it’s magic to bring you/them more into alignment with your/their essential nature and highest purpose.

(The picture above is the great Miriam Makeba, called Mama Africa; she crossed over in 2009.)

Opportunities and Challenges for Everyone

in the Earth Year

The year 2010 is full of so much symbolism, meaning, prophecy and secrets to be revealed that it has taken me over a month to prepare the rest of this message. I’ve researched numerology, astrology, astronomy, geography, geomancy, etymology, mythology, musicology, cinema, and Mayan calendar interpretations and ancient indigenous prophecy. As a result of what I learned, I’ve organized my message regarding challenges and opportunities into four major themes that are relevant to the year 2010: (1) Death of Separation/Birth of Illumination; (2) Leadership as Devotion to Universal Passion and Love; (3) The Seeding of a New Lifetime; and last, but not least (4) Return of the Queen.

To be of the Earth is to know

the restlessness of being a seed

the darkness

of being planted

the struggle toward the light

the pain of growth into the light

the joy of bursting and bearing fruit

the love of being food for someone

the scattering of your seeds

the decay of the seasons

the mystery of death

and the miracle of birth.

John Soos (from Earth Prayers from Around the World)

Theme One: Death of Separation/Birth of Illumination

In 1991, Seneca Elder Twyla Nitsch and her grand-daughter, Jamie Sams (of “Medicine Cards” fame) published a book called, “Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours.” The book shares information divined from spirited stones who shared their creation story of the last four ages of the Earth. First there came the Age of Love, then Ice, then Water, and then the Age of Separation – out of which we are in the process of evolving. According to the stones, the Separation belief systems among humans began with the separation of Pangaea into what we now call continents. After thousands of years of practicing exclusion, discrimination, oppression, and genocide, humanity is finally waking up emotionally to the fact that despite distances and differences our lives are inextricably woven together. The stones call the New Age/Fifth Age the Age of Illumination. The consciousness of humanity will evolve from what separates us to what unites us.

In 2010, the separation or exclusion mentality will become even more obsolete. The time has come for inclusion mentality to be the basis for our decision-making. It will no longer be sane to judge a person’s heart and soul based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, body weight, facial features, name, or even public accomplishments. For example, racism in America was fueled by the propaganda, which grew into a belief, that Negroes (now called African-Americans) were irrational, of lower intelligence, and animalistic in nature. Once Barack Obama became the 44th president, and Michelle Obama became the First Lady, these beliefs have lost their validity. It’s no different than when Magellan successfully circumnavigated the globe and busted up the myths about the world being flat!

So, although there will be people who continue to believe the myths and the propaganda of days gone by, they are doomed to become extinct. I encourage you to consider what falsehoods you will bust up during 2010 as you embrace a more illuminated way of being in the world.

Theme Two: Leadership as Devotion to Universal Passion and Love

The Metal Tiger Year is the astrological name for the Chinese New Year beginning February 13th-14th (yes, the same as St. Valentine’s Day!). According to the We’Moon calendar for 2010, the year of the Tiger promises to be dynamic and full of sudden opportunities, bold actions, and life experiences on a grand scale. “The Tiger brings a year of extremes when drama and excitement reign, tempers flare, and the wildest dreams can become reality.

There is little restraint as brave Tiger pounces on new endeavors. Expect massive social change, political rebellion, and military coups all over the world.”

(Susan Levitt)

This forecast for the 2010 Chinese New Year highlights our necessity for redefining and evolving leadership –both personal and professional – as a way to inspire passion and love, versus a force for promoting (or dictating) mechanistic and materialistic uniformity. Modernity in Western culture introduced civil service, tenure, and retirement. These three work-related security systems have denied most modern workers the mystery and messiness of real life. We have a word in our vocabulary -- “going postal”, which describes the insanely violent reaction and loud desperation of a person whose secure job has robbed them of life’s mystery.

I believe that the reason why the Hollywood fantasy trilogies and series (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Matrix, The Harry Potter series, Disney Pirates, and The Lord of the Rings) are so hugely popular is because modern Western culture hungers for the experience of the natural life journey with it’s beginning, middle and end, filled with heroic adventure, terror, passion, love and the happy ending. There is a great need for evolved personal and professional leadership that understands the process of indigenous initiation, the cyclical nature of human growth and development, and the required messiness of life as one evolves beyond their knowing. It’s time for people to be okay with going off the edge of the map into unknown and unexplored territory. It’s time to devote ourselves to diving deep into the mystery of life and experiencing what universal passion and love are really about. You can’t get that from E-Harmony dot com!

I am going to plant a heart in the earth,

water it with love from a vein;

I’m going to praise it with the push of muscle,

and care for it in the sound of all dimensions.

I’m going to leave a heart in the earth

so it may grow and flower;

a heart that throbs with longing,

that adores everything green,

that will be strength and nourishment for birds,

that will be the sap of plants and mountains.

-- Rosario Murillo from “Earth Prayers from Around the World”

Theme Three: The Seeding of a New Lifetime

In December of 1984, a sequel to the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey,” was released. It was based on the book, “2010: Odyssey Two,” by Arthur C. Clarke. The film was titled, “2010: The Year We Make Contact.” So, if you haven’t seen this film yet, I suggest you rent or buy it, because you will hear this phrase repeated,

"Something Wonderful!!” You’ll also learn what the ‘something wonderful’ is – I won’t spoil it for those who have not yet seen the movie.

What is delicious though is that the book and the movie were produced about twenty-five years ago, and here we are at 2010 poised to begin our new lifetimes. You see, the Baby Boomer generation has significantly raised human conscious to the point where we can be like Gandalf the Grey – through our one life span we get to experience multiple lifetimes. So much has changed so fast that we have gone off the map in regards to how our life is supposed to be. We can’t imitate the “structure and security” mentality of our parents or grandparents. We can’t hold on to the obsolete paradigms and belief systems and maintain our health and well-being. We must engage in visionary consciousness – aligning our physical sight with our spiritual vision.

The zero in the year 2010 can be seen as a symbol for a time of reckoning. It’s that point between minus one (-1) and plus one (+1). It represents our opportunity to intentionally “seed” what it is we want to experience during this next decade, based upon what we now know can no longer serve us, and grounded in our remembrance of our higher purpose. Carol Bridges writes this about the meaning of the zero tarot card (The Fool) in her Medicine Woman Inner Guide Book:

I am the Fool, a Seed Being Carried by the Wind. I am the first step in the process of manifestation. I am the idea that inspires life. I am inexperienced, yet within me lay the plan for my perfect unfoldment. To me there is no time like the present in which to begin my journey. . . By Earth, mother of all creation, I am nourished. Through movement and change I grow. My path is revealed as I walk on.

During 2010, I encourage you to seed your path with something you have always wanted to have, something you have always wanted to do, and something you have always wanted to be. Use these twelve months to clarify and declare the substance for your new lifetime. Be bold in your vision and allow yourself to connect with your inherent genius and highest purpose.

Theme Four: The Return of the Queen

Once upon a time there was a magical kingdom where the sun always shone and fruit was always available on the trees, and songs of harmony and peace were sung without interruption all the day and all the night. In this magical kingdom there dwelled a most handsome and brave King and a most beautiful and virtuous Queen. They loved each other very much and each would have willingly sacrificed their life for the other’s happiness.

And so it happened one day that an old man in a white cloak who was a stranger to their land arrived at the gates of their blissful palace bearing gifts for these two magnificent rulers that he had heard so much about. In their kindness and innocence, the King and the Queen held court with the white haired stranger and accepted his flattery and gifts. The cloaked one left the court with a crooked smile on his lips and was never heard of again.

The King received an elaborately decorated mirror from the stranger which always showed him looking youthful and perfectly handsome. The Queen also received a beautifully decorated mirror, but its reflection emphasized her imperfections and made her look older than she truly was. While the King spent long hours gazing happily in his mirror, the Queen spent most of her time trying to make herself appear youthful and perfect for hers. Finally, after many months of misery as a result of the cursed mirror, the Queen decided to leave the palace to seek out wizards and magicians who could restore her beauty. The King was so enchanted by his cursed mirror that he did not even miss the Queen or realize how long she had been gone.

After many years of searching high and low for a magician who could help her, and finding none who could, the Queen came wearily to small cabin in a dense forest where she was told that a very wise wizard lived. Unbeknown to her, the Goddess Gaia had taken pity on her and had led her to the domain of her sisters, Beauty, Truth and Love. When the three divine sisters greeted the Queen she was immediately enraptured by their evanescence and fell to the floor crying and wailing about the long, empty journey to regain her beauty and youth. The divine sisters showed the Queen how the mirror was cursed, for when each of them held it, it transmuted back into its true form – a mineral demon. After lifting the curse, Beauty, Truth and Love bade the Queen to dwell with them and learn their secret ways that would defeat any curse. The Queen was so happy and grateful that she stayed with them for many years until she felt she had mastered their secrets.

Now when the Queen returned to her palace she felt very sad and she saw that the King’s curse had kept him form taking care of the land and the people. The sun refused to shine and there was no fruit on the trees and they were now withering. There were no songs of harmony and peace being sung. Instead there was much crying and wailing because of the wars that the people were making upon each other.

When the Queen reunited with the King she found him horrified at how old she looked. But, the Queen had learned the secrets of Beauty, Truth and Love and she told him of her journey and revealed the curse of his mirror to him. It was very difficult for the King to accept how much he too had aged, but the Queen looked so loving at him and was so overjoyed to be with him again, that he let go of his vanity and asked her to teach him the wisdom that she had learned from the divine sisters.

Together these two wise rulers used the wisdom of Beauty, Truth and Love to begin restoring their kingdom to the harmonious and peaceful land that it had once been. For the wisdom they shared was that beauty, truth and love are powers from within and can only be reflected through loving and compassionate thoughts, words and deeds.

And, yes – they lived happily ever after. THE END

This fairy tale is a female initiation story about the essence of feminine sovereignty and the essential role that it plays here on the Earth plane. For too long, the secrets of Beauty, Truth and Love have been hidden as we humans have indulged ourselves in the belief that power is external and that the five senses were the only avenues for knowledge. But the time is now for the lifting of this curse. During 2010, we will receive irrefutable evidence that the Queen has returned to teach us how to let go of our holding on to temporal and illusionary ideas and beliefs.

It is time for humans to accept the existence of multisensory learning, especially learning through the realm of our feelings. This is one of the most important secrets that the Queen was taught and is able to teach. Only when we feel beauty, truth or love can we know their infinite nature. All appearances are temporal, but the feeling we receive when we behold a beautiful landscape, or hear a truthful song, or receive a loving kindness is evidence of the eternal reality of these three divine sisters.

During 2010, I encourage you to take the time to explore your inner landscape with the intent to master the secrets of Beauty, Truth and Love.

And so, I would like to conclude this 2010 New Year's message with a sweet "youtube" sent to me by my Fire Sister, Aisha. Enjoy and may 2010 be the best year of your life --thus far.


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