Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Message 2010: Resurrection Consciousness

I've journeyed through this Lenten season with my heart open to hearing, accepting, and following the call of Spirit. I have learned more about who I am, what direction I am to take, and what my purpose is with each passing day.

I willingly let go of the familiar to experience new blessings.

Just as shedding a heavy winter coat allows me freedom of movement, releasing old ideas or patterns of behavior opens me to new feelings of personal and spiritual freedom. And like the caterpillar that exchanges what is familiar to become a butterfly, I am willing to let go of what I know in order to experience the new. As I stay true to what is mine to do, transformation naturally follows.

Whatever change is ahead for me, I am certain to succeed as I remain attuned to the voice of Spirit within me. I can look to the future with confidence and enthusiastically greet any change because I know that this period of growth and transformation is firmly rooted in my acceptance of God's call to my spirit.

(from Spiritual Preparation for Easter by Unity Church)